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Weddings in Peidmont, Italy

Located in the far northwest corner of Italy, the Piedmont region lies beneath the Alps, cushioned within diverse landscapes and an assortment of extraordinary sights. The name 'pied monte' means 'at the foot of the mountains,' and many of Italy's finest wines, such as the Barolo and the Moscato, are made here thanks to the ideal soil and climate conditions. Aside from excellent skiing in the winter, the mountains that surround the area offer magnificent views, grand castles and lush vineyards. Piedmont has quite a bit in common with its neighboring France and Switzerland, such as a stunning and varied terrain, a rich cultural lineage and a distinct Alpine flavor. Also, the French practice of using butter more than the preferred Italian olive oil can be detected throughout the cuisine in Piedmont.

The Valsesia valley, which leads up to Monte Rosa, is a display of the sanctuaries of Sacro Monte and Santuario d'Oropa. Sacro Monte (sacred mountain) is a fascinating collection of 45 chapels, in which three-dimensional frescos with scenes from the life of Christ are exhibited. This place of pilgrimage has been a prominent landmark since the 15th century, when the former officials believed that something dramatic was needed to scare the people away from heresy and back into the protection of the Catholic Church.

Piedmont's snowy vistas, grand lakes and spiky mountains provide a spectacular setting for an Italian flavored wedding. The villas and gardens that line the shores of Lakes Maggiore and Orta make a perfect backdrop for artistic paintings and photos. The "waterlands" in the provinces of Novara and Vercelli combine farms, green fields and lakes to create a gorgeous chequered pattern in the landscape. With so much to offer, Piedmont is a prime choice for a marriage ceremony graced with unsurpassed beauty and abundant Italian tradition.