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Italian Wedding Cakes

Surprisingly enough, originally, wedding cakes were not eaten. Instead they were thrown at the bride! Originating as a considered fertility tradition but thankfully has long since been modified. However, in keeping with this tradition, many grooms will seek to pay homage to this old tradition by smearing a little on his Italian Bride.

Fittingly enough, it was the Roman Empire that began the wedding cake tradition. Only then it would have been broken over the brides head while guests picked up pieces to eat. Thankfully some time in the 16th century a French baker was able to put together a multi-tiered bun cake that was covered in icing thus replacing some the old world traditions.

Today the wedding cake symbolizes an important part of the Italy wedding. Whether you're in Tuscany, Amalfi, Sicily or Chianti as the bride and groom cut the first piece and feed it to each other they make a symbolic reference to their intent to provide support to one another. This is also true about Italian wedding cakes – which are truly the sweetest of all!

There are many traditional Italian wedding cakes to choose from. There is the 'Torta Mimosa All Bavarese' which is filled with Bavarian cream, Vanilla and sponge cake. Or the 'Crustata Di Frutta' a classic tart with vanilla and fruit and the 'Mille Fogile' which is a puff pastry filled with Chantilly cream. Just to make your mouth water, and your mind wander, here are a few more Italian wedding cake favorites:

  • Torta Chantilly: Sponge cake, Chantilly cream, white chocolate scales over the cake.
  • iplomatica: Pastry base, sponge cake, vanilla cream or Chantilly.
  • St Honore': FOTO puff pastry, sponge cake, cream puffs and Chantilly cream.
  • Bignolata Alla Vaniglia: Chantilly cream with vanilla and cream puffs filled with whipped cream.

No matter what type of Italian wedding cake you finally decide on, or if you choose to go with a more contemporary wedding cake, your Italian wedding is sure to be one of the more memorable moments of you and your spouse's young lives together.