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Italian Wedding Favors

Wedding favors for Italy weddings are a very special part of the celebration. Your Italian wedding favors will deliver a lasting message of the beauty and love that you and your spouse share – thus you will want your wedding favors to have a unique element that will serve to remind your guests of your wedding. Wedding favors come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and themes. Traditional in its roots, the giving of candy or almonds has a timeless appeal that many couples still choose today. There are however, there a lot of alternatives that can make an equally important statement. Today many people give a variety of different items such as a candle, flutes, a paperweight or even the newest fashion statement “the Italian Charm” with the your wedding date. No matter if you Italy Wedding is in Rome, Venice, Florence or Chianti when choosing your Italian wedding favors, you will want to keep in mind the color of your wedding, the time of year and them you have chosen. This will help you to put a common thread into your favor that is easily recognizable from your ceremony. You may also want to keep in mind that not all of your guests that attend your Italy wedding will be adults. Because of this you may want to accommodate attending children with their own special favors. These favors can also offer the children something to play with. For example, you could give a disposable camera for the children to take their own pictures of the wedding, a coloring book or even a bag of small toys depending on their age. Most of all, it is important to remember that your Italian wedding favors can be used to thank your guests for sharing in your wedding day festivities. Providing each guest with a unique and creative favor will give them something to mark the day for years to come.