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Weddings in Italian Castles

Castles in Italy are mysterious places that conceal long lost legends and tales; Italian history passes through it's castles endowing a wedding in a castle in Italy with a romantic aura.

One of these beautiful castle fortifications, which are scattered all over the Italian peninsula, could be the perfect backdrop for your wedding day!

Italian castles were generally built over a mountain or a hill top, to watch and prevent attacks from enemies, so the view from their battlements and towers is habitually overwhelming. Most of them were built in medieval times and are wonders to visit; moreover they are the starting point to discover the near countryside, rural areas where old cooking traditions and craftsmanship are preserved.

You can take long walks in the woods, visiting old and fascinating churches, maybe even discovering a creek. There are endless possibilities for wedding photos inside a castle, as well as outside: the hillsides, inside, amidst magnificent halls, armours, fireplaces and stained glass.

For one day in your life you will feel like king and queen, instead of simply husband and wife!