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Gondola Weddings in Venice Italy

A Gondola Wedding may be the most romantic solution for your destination wedding. Available only in the most romantic of cities and possibly the greatest experience your wedding ceremony could ever include. Imagine relaxing on the waters of Venice, gently riding aboard a magnificent gondola along the fascinating Venetian canals. Minutes later, the officiant pronounces you husband and wife!

What a truly splendid and unusual way to have your wedding!

Gondolas are the symbol of Venice, a timeless city, whick ranks as one of the most beautiful in the world, with all its monuments and charming locations being the best backdrop for the most special of your days. Let the gondoliere take you back to the time of the Doges, and let yourself go and fall in love with this city and its splendour. Your wedding guests will be delighted by such an original idea and will cheer you throughout.

Gondola wedding pictures are special, with the background of the sea, sun, stunning buildings and breathtaking monuments.

A gondola wedding is possibly the most special of wedding ceremonies.