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Italian Palazzo Wedding

Italy is full of romantic, historical palazzos; in all of its famous towns and cities you can find palazzos of relevant historical importance. Think about planning your wedding in one of these significant places! Italian palazzos vary in ages and styles: Medieval, Renaissance, Gothic, Venetian and so on. Many of these keep important collections and museums inside as a testimony of past events and their once-upon-a-time magnificence. Your wedding guests will be delighted, walking through superb rooms, observing the stunning antiques and the frescos on the walls, while you are waiting to exchange your wedding vows in a private chapel or in posh halls.

Then you can take a walk through beautiful gardens and parks, which are frequently adjacent to the ancient palazzos, in courtyards with wonderful flowerbeds and possibly fountains, pits and statues; the pictures for your wedding service will be dramatic and unforgettable.

Palazzos witness Italy's significant past and glories. This may be the right option for a wedding full of magic and charm.