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Italian Villa Wedding

Italian villas are often buildings of historical relevance, residences where nobles and aristocrats used to live or just spend their holidays, so they are usually luxurious and grandiose places where you can plan your wedding or the following reception. There are regions in Italy where to organise tours around the various villas, like in Veneto, where an incredible amount of magnificent villas are present.

All of them, moreover, own a garden or park, full of green, flowers, maybe fountains, paths and very old trees. You will enjoy the time of your life inside one of these most celebrated villas, your wedding a day to remember for you and all your guests, with a touch of plush and refined elegance.

And the photo service will be a very special one, whether you decide to take your photos using the interior as background, amid priceless antiques and furnishings, or outside, in the green.

Italians villas can provide an ideal setting if you are looking for a private but nonetheless romantic location for you wedding.