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Mary and Joe, Catholic Wedding in Positano

Hi Martina,
Our wedding was a dream come true...and then some.

We flew into Naples and rented a car and drove the (alleged) hour to southern Italy to the town of Positano. We got a bit lost along the way.

Positano is located on the Amalfi coast, and is a small town that has homes that stretch up the hill side into the clouds. The town is centered around a small harbor that has sidewalk cafes, cobblestone streets, etc. The area is know for its lemons, olives and sunflowers and these soon became my favorite. We were told that the area was very upscale and was a major vacation destination for the Italians. I think I expected the opulence of Monte Carlo, so I was not sure what to think at first. The second day we all woke up early and went for a walk on the beach, followed by a walk on the clouds (that is what the locals call the 4 hour path that extends along the cliffs above the town). The sleepy town did not awake or open until about 9:00, so we couldn't find coffee anywhere for 3 hours. I began my love affair with Positano the second day. When the shops opened we were greeted with the warmest greetings, smiles and warmth that I have ever experienced from an entire town. We had many meetings lined up for several days, that required us to go to the American Consulate, the town hall, the Catholic church and the wedding coordinator. We also visited the shops along the way and the town people soon learned about our wedding on Saturday. The Euro travel peolple that we met with were extremely kind. We were late to get to Naples because traffic was so bad and Bruno was exceptionally kind. We enjoyed meeting him very much. Giovanna, our wedding coordinator, was also very beautiful and kind.

The people in this town were unbelievable!!!! The church required us to bring a candle for us to light as a couple during the ceremony and we could only find big sea shells, etc. but nothing that was appropriate. When I told the people in this shop what I needed it for, they hugged me and kissed me than announced to the entire shop that I was getting married on Saturday. They said that they didn't want me to worry about a thing, they picked up a white vase and said they would take it to the candle makers downstairs and have one made especially for our wedding. They said they would deliver it to Father John at the church for us, and not to worry about a thing that I could pay them another time.

For our reception, I wanted a ceramic dish wrapped with candy inside, to give each place setting a personal touch. I went to a ceramic shop to have these made and they pulled together the entire piece and even volunteered to put our wedding dates and names on the ceramics.

Our reception was at a the Plazzo Murat, a converted castle. The service was exceptional. I fell in love with the people here and with the beauty of the hotel. Somehow the wedding cake that we ordered was canceled, so the baker at the hotel and reception designed a lemon cake with beautiful flowers, just for us. It was perfect!!! The castle also provided music for the reception that was a cello and violin. It was so elegant. We sat outside under the stars and had a portion of a patio sectioned off for our party. They had lemon candles was magical.

Our wedding was magical as well. Our priest was adorable, young and a lot of fun!!!! Another couple had gotten married at 12:00, and we were married at 5:00. We were able to negotiate with the local florist and for a very low price we received lemon trees that lined the courtyard and entrance to the church, 12 huge sunflower and white rose bouquets that were left over from 12:00 and they happily refreshed the flowers. We had 12 huge flower arrangements in total, plus they provided a beautiful carpet.

The town was extremely religious and the local people liked to hear the mass in English vs Italian, so our wedding was broacasted on the local radio station. Local people soon came to join the church service. When the service ended, we took the traditional walk through the cobble stones streets in town in our wedding attire. Entire restaurants full of people stood up and cheered for us and clanked glasses. The local shop owners all came out to congratulate us and kiss us. We had a crowd of well wishers follow us for a while as we took pictures throughout town with the photographer.

The next day was the Feast of Saint Peter and they had a huge celebration throughout the town. The fireworks that began at midnight were better than anything that I have seen in the US. I felt like they were made just for us.

It was an incredible dream come true!!!!!! Thank you for everything!!!! Please use us as a referral. Also, to highlight our trip even further, we went to the audience with the Pope in Rome. We were blessed by the Pope and sat through an incredible cermony! It was unbelievable!

Additionally, I want to thank you for your Positano recommendation. We were able to visit the town of Portofino and the church on your website. Although Joe and I found the area to be very stunning and beautiful, we were thrilled that we followed your recommendation, as Positano was much more charming and warm.

I think I am the luckiest girl alive!! Thanks Martina.

Mary and Joe

Shellene and John, Civil Wedding in Positano

Thanks very much. Just back to work today. We had a week to home last week and a party for people here Saturday night.

Italy was fantastic thank you. We fell in love with Positano and the wedding couldn't have gone any better. Our co-ordinator was lovely. She helped make it a totally relaxing day.

Please feel free to list my e-mail for possible future references.

Thanks again for all your help.

John & Shelly